college students, Bigwords.com is a conventient sort of search site that rifles through all sorts of online stores and ads looking for the text books you need, newest edition, you can look specifically for used books or ones with a buyback program, and stuff. and can be a lot cheaper, saved me $400 one semester

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"Taking The Cake" is an illustrated zine and 101 about asexuality, created by Maisha in 2012. It includes the basic definitions, some of the nuances of asexuality, explains the types of attraction that exist (not all attraction is sexual), dispels myths, includes resources and takes on the topic of whether asexuality is included in the queer community or not. Some say no, some say yes. Anyway, very helpful information and the artwork is exquisite. You see that Black woman on the cover! ♥♠



For what it’s worth, “intersectionality" was also created by a woman of color - specifically, a Black woman, Kimberlé Crenshaw - to explain how race and gender oppression converge to affect Black women’s lives, and how this plays out in the (mostly upper-class, white-dominated) feminist movement. (The concept existed in WOC-led activism before Crenshaw, but I believe it was she who coined the word.)

Learn your terminology!